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Friday, May 7, 2010

Pappu Cant Dance Sala, we finally know who Pappu is, thanks to @iHrithik

Ever since the popular movie Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na released some time back, the whole nation has been singing the song Pappu Can't Dance Sala! Everyone knew the song by heart but no one really knew the identity of Pappu. It was the most closely guarded secret of the Bollywood film industry and the mastermind behind this was a certain Mr. Aamir Khan. We always suspected that some day someone might spill the beans and the world will get to know who the real Pappu is. That finally happened today, all thanks to twitter and an innocent tweet by our very own Duggu,Hrithik Roshan. Check the tweets below to know more.

It was just another day on twitter and people were still watching how many more fans Sachin Tendulkar would add. Hrithik Roshan was bored and decided to indulge in some Q & A with his fans. He had 20mins at his disposal. This is what he had tweeted.

"Anybody wanna talk? Free for 20mins! What's up!!"

Looking at this a lot of his fans started sending him tweets. Meanwhile Karan Johar who is holidaying in the US had some free time on his hands after finishing his dinner and shopping for sunglasses. He tweets this to Hrithik, a simple hello.


In a moment of concentration lapse and excitement at seeing Karan's tweet, Hrithik sends this tweet to Karan.

@kjohar25 helloooo!!!! What's up pappu!!! See u soon in NYC !!!

Hrithik doesn't even realize what he has done. He has leaked the most closely guarded secret of Bollywood. That too on twitter. Most fans are a little amused and don't see the connection immediately. Meanwhile Karan Johar is stumped that his secret is out. He wants to shout and scream but cant do so on twitter and while cursing Hrithik under his breath he tweets out a nonchalant message so that the world doesn't think he is angry.  

@iHrithik...ha! Ha! I can't believe you called me that on twitterverse!!!

Through unconfirmed sources we have come to know that Karan later sent an angry SMS to Hrithik. We are still waiting to hear what Hrithik has to say about the matter. He hasn't sent a tweet yet to Karan at the time of compiling this TAIL. Also heard Aamir Khan is planning to sue twitter for this blunder. We are waiting to see what happens next ;)


Note: All the above is a work of fiction except the Four tweets in mention!
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