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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day : Say it or else you are doomed.

I have to say this, else!!!
Today is one of those unique days when every single person on Twitter speaks the same thing. No matter how big or small a person is. All have to say this one thing atleast once today. That is "Happy Mothers Day". So we have our share of twitterati too doing the honors. Its very clear from the tweets of the day that the tweeters can be classified into two categories. The ones who read others tweets and the ones who only read their @ replies only. 

The ones who read other celeb tweets are the smart ones, rather, the politically correct ones who start their day wishing everyone a Happy Mothers Day. The rest, who are late to catch up start the day in their usual style tweeting about their goodnights sleep, headaches, films, food cravings, etc etc and then eventually in a tweet or two say the words Happy Mothers Day. Thanks to the constant bullying by the followers. One has to be politically correct and say the right things on the right day.

Take this for an example. Jiah Khan tweets this. 

"gosh im exhausted today! running around...mind racing 100mph!!! slept thru my 5am alarm :-( trying to pack 6 suitcases!!!"

And then in less than a minute has to tweet this.

"oh yes mothers day! i celebrated it in london a month back!!"
Do you think any of our twitterati really are bothered if their mothers are going to see their message. They might as well talk to them directly by visiting them or talk on the phone. Twitter is the most unlikely medium where ones mother would get the message from. But still every single tweeter of the day say these worlds. A kind of herd mentality or maybe the feeling of saying the politically correct thing or else they feel left out. It sure is a funny place. Just keep watching the tweets and tell me the name of one person who doesn't mention the word mother in their tweets. In the midst of all this we also have few gems from our twitterati. Below are a few of them.

We start with the best among the lot. Abhishek Bachchan has this to say to us. Its actually a retweet. Has the stamp of his sarcastic humor intact.

"RT @OMGFacts: Baby Koalas eat their mom's poop. THANK GOD WE'RE HUMAN!!! Happy mothers day!"

Next up it Chetan Bhagat who has this to say while starting the day.
Where is "Wives day"?

"to all existing mothers and the girls who'd become cute future mothers - happy mother's day."

Then in his characteristic cheeky style says this.

"and while all mums must feel special about mother's day, do remember, you need a guy to become one. #happymothersday"
He doesn't stop there, goes on to add. He actually wonders.

"there's no wives' day. wonder why. "

For which Riteish Deshmukh replies.

" @chetan_bhagat those are also known as 'other days' of the year "

Chetan Replies.

"@Riteishd :) jab hogi tab pata chalega..."   (wonder what Chetan meant by this though?)

Riteish doesn't stop there, he replies.

"@chetan_bhagat lol-one of the 3 mistakes of my life?" 

These guys are having fun, aha. Not to be left behind we have Pappu contributing his gems. If you are wondering who Pappu is, then you gotta read this "Pappu Cant Dance Sala, we finally know who Pappu is, thanks to @iHrithik" Well, Karan Johar tweets this first.

"140 characters cannot describe a let's just take a moment and thank the universe for creating the most powerful entity ever..."

Pappu is Back again!
Then, in his moment of usual madness, tweets this.

"mother a day keeps the doctor away..."

Wonder what he was thinking when he wrote this. Every one is confused. Few people don't waste a second to retweet the message, including the likes of Atul Kasbekar. Karan himself gets confused in a few minutes and promptly deletes the message. Its not there on his timeline anymore, check it.

He later tweets this about twitter. 

"Twitter was invented to give our lonely planet a fills so many of my empty moments...I am grateful... I am sure you are too.."

We are grateful to you too Karan, for all the unlimited entertainment that you provide us here, certainly better than your movies too. And before we sign off, wish too would like to wish all the wonderful women out there a "Happy Mothers Day" ;)

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