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Monday, May 10, 2010

T20 World cup with T20 style Twitter commentary!

Twitter Style
Looks like India is almost out of the World Cup T20 tournament. While the men in blue were battling it out with the West Indies there were folks on Twitter doing their own little battle or commentary of tweets. The amount of sarcastic humor in their tweets during those few hours is something that can easily beat the script of any comedy movie. Twitter provides that anonymity which makes people speak whatever comes to their mind. For a change, at Tail Them we have Tailed the tweets of a few people who are not twitterati yet but are certainly not less than anyone else in providing us wholesale entertainment. Read on to catch all the fun.

It was WestIndies turn to bat first and then post a good total for India to chase. Our tweet story starts when India started batting. And needless to say the man who gave away all those sixers in the first innings Ravindra Jadeja, he was the butt of almost all the jokes. Indian batsman's poor performance didn't help either. So here we go with the tweets that started pouring in the moment we knew India had slim chances of making it to the next round.

First up, we have the omnipresent Fake Jhunjhunwala to start the proceedings and the rest take over.


@jhunjhunwala Today is Mother's Day - come on India,you gotta win for your mother = BHARAT MATA

@roale Team India's gift to mother India : Maa we missed u so we r coming back #mothersday

@shefaliarvind dhoni shud do whtevr it is tht warne mks pathan do! Thn maybe pathan wl play.


@rishabhunique: We need sixes, plz send Bobby Darling there :-)

@jhunjhunwala dEH! WHAT HAAPENING? these buggers have forgotten 'ALL REALS'

@sidin: Tight finish. Could go either way for India. Via Dubai or via Frankfurt back to New Delhi.

@jhunjhunwala The one man who can actually score runs and win the match for us is busy tweeting --> @sachin_rt *IRONY* 

@jhunjhunwala Yuvraj Singh - he came ,he saw,he got out.  

@jhunjhunwala Great ,life gets only worse.Now Sanjay Manjarekar is back doing commentary.FML  

@isitive: @jhunjhunwala CricBuzz :these WI players do not drop a biscuit, let alone a catch

@jhunjhunwala You know things are bad when you expect Ashish Nehra to hit 6's.

We finally lose the match.
@tarvinderjit sorry jadeja not coming back. offered citizenship by both australia n west indies

@nishuarora Post match presentation...Ravindra Jadeja conferred paid citizenship of carribean islands.

@aurbolo India, Pakistan both out of T20 WC. Chalo now lets talk. Tim to give & take dossiers.

@dks__ india lost as selectors didnt chose angad bedi,mrf blimp,cheer leaders nor the players were given any karbon kamal or max mob

@vaarunchawla looks like jadeja has backing of spectrum raja he also makes it to playing 11 every time..

@nishuarora Cyrus is saying forget the game of past...yeah u can sitting besides a bimbo whos cleavage ends up at her navel.

@kaisernova Overheard in the WI dressing room : Chris Gayle : Maan, no one gives head like that beech Jadeja

@antidespondent u dont get it. They have changed the color of clothes from light blue to dark blue & still expect players to perform? KALIYUG!

@anand_rohan - Ab who will 'condemn' how India performed?

@dks__ insider news, jadeja is actually agarkar after cosmetic surgery

@amodgil don't you smell match fixing here? Jadejas are skillfull when it comes to. . .

@jhunjhunwala Here lies the career of Ravindra Jadeja : 2008-2010
@vishal1mehra Don't b surprised if BCCI puts forward a motion in next ICC meeting to limit short balling to max of 1 per innings ;)

@jhunjhunwala The only difference between last year and this year is that this year's World Cup is in the West Indies and last year's was in England.


@satishalavandar I strongly condem all short pitched bowling . It is a cowrdly and inhuman act.

@knittins: Jadeja vu - the weird feeling when the same mistakes are repeated, leading to similar consequences.

@jhunjhunwala Time to put Supari on Ravindra Jadeja's head.

@junaid_ansari: Kasab ke saath Jadeja ko bhi daal do

@ObiWanGyne: I think @jhunjhunwala should sit on ravindra jadeja.
@anandkbhatia: @jhunjhunwala Supari is right! How much do I have to pay u to kill Jadeja sir?!

To conclude Ramesh Srivats has the following tweets to comfort his followers. 

@rameshsrivats Didn't the Australian Govt. promise to seriously look into incidents of violence against Indians? ( this was during the last match against Australia)

@rameshsrivats Let's not forget that an Indian team won the IPL

@rameshsrivats Let's also not forget that Dhoni won 3 out of his 4 tosses. Forget icon player. He's an awesome coin player.

Oh yes, we have a lot of iconic players and we know how well they play short pitched stuff. Last heard, all the above people are planning to go to the airport to receive the Indian Team personally. That is going to be some fun. Hope you enjoyed this commentary. Catch you soon.

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