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Thursday, May 6, 2010

How many more followers will @sachin_rt add? Speak your mind here.

This isn't a TAIL but more in search of DETAIL. So, Sachin is on Twitter and is adding followers at a scorching pace. We at Tail Them are curious to know what you folks think would be the final figure at which his number of followers would stabilize. 

The current leader from India is Shashi Tharoor and the other popular persons are Shahrukh Khan, Vir Sanghvi and Priyanka Chopra. It took these people quite some time to reach their respective figures and are still adding followers at a steady pace but we don't see them having major jumps in followers soon. Consider the factors listed below and take your guess. What is the magic figure that Sachin will reach and then stabilize?

  1. Sachin has an advantage in the sense that the number of people on twitter in India has increased tremendously since the time Shahrukh Khan joined twitter. So his follower count speed is bound to be quicker than the others.
  2. The reach of cricket is limited compared to the reach of a bollywood star. Very few countries play cricket as compared to the countries in which bollywood films are watched. Will this play a factor in his eventual count of followers?
  3. Most women are not interested in cricket as compared to Hindi films. Is Sachin's reach beyond cricket?
  4. In these days of instant consumption if any product or movie is marketed its only the first few days that really count. Movies make money during their first three days of release, after that the percentage of collections drop alarmingly. So will be the case with number of followers as days go by. 
  5. Continuing from the above, almost anyone who is on twitter will follow Sachin during the first 3 days of his arrival. How many more new people do you think will join twitter and follow him after that?
  6. There are very rare exceptions to the above condition, like the movie Avatar which went on to have strong legs even after the first weekend. Will Sachin be an exception too?
  7. And one more last question. Not related to his number of followers. Are you happy to see someone you venerate so much as a normal human being? Would you have rather preferred if he maintained his aura?
I wish Sachin continues to keep adding followers like he has been doing since yesterday. In all the euphoria lets also be realistic and practical about it. Look forward to your answers.

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