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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Meet Shahrukh Khan aka @iamsrk

Still from Ra.One
Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Shahrukh Khan also called as @iamsrk on Twitter. Usually operates late at night, most people might be getting ready to go for a morning walk while he appears online to say that he had a busy day and is going to sleep now after chatting with us for a while. Off late he is trying to sleep on time though.

He is probably one of the most active users of twitter. When he starts tweeting the world has to stop, everyone's timelines come to a freeze because he doesn't believe in etiquette's of tweeting and limiting himself to 140 characters. After all he is SRK. Time will stop for him what is twitter in front of him.

Jokes apart, he is one of the smartest people to have used twitter to his advantage, especially during the MNIK and Shiv Sena controversy. His fans stood by him and his regular tweets during that time greatly helped in calming a volatile situation. The best part was his apology to his fans on twitter which seemed a very clever way to make peace with the Sena.

Also his arrival on twitter made the conventional media like newspapers and television to take note of twitter. Suddenly twitter was in the headlines of newspapers and channels. He is single handedly responsible for many people, especial women to take interest in twitter and also prompted other lesser known celebrities to get onto the twitter bandwagon. As i mentioned earlier, his late night arrivals have caused quite a lot of people to stop sleeping at night, waiting in anticipation for him to arrive, this includes the likes of Barkha Dutt (BDUTT) who is his ardent fan. His style of tweeting is unique because he doesn't reply individually to anyone yet manages to answer all queries by giving common answers to various questions. The answers even include stuff like who is the boss at home and what is his favorite color to many other mundane things. These Q&A sessions have become quite a rage and he has set a trend which many other celebrities follow now.

He seemed to have gone through a low phase in recent weeks with one of his close associates being hospitalized and his tweets taking a gloomy tinge which rubbed off on his fans too. KKR and IPL too didn't manage to bring much cheer to him. So his initial bout of positivity and enthusiasm seemed to die down a bit, but we still hang in hope that he cheers up soon.
These days he is busy hanging from ropes for his upcoming movie Ra.One which he is shooting in Goa. Seems to be indulging in a lot of physical activity and the one still that he leaked out from the movie has our adrenalin pumping, are we going to have our desi answer to Iron Man with Ra.One? Will he give us our version of an intelligent superhero? If ever anyone can pull off a superhero like Robert Downey junior in Iron Man, it has to be SRK. Charisma is his middle name. We wish him the best of luck and yes, currently he is running a severe cold and fever. He says this about himself.
"superhero with a cold?? with great power comes great sneezing...bullets dont hurt him...kryptonite fails...only common cold is his enemy"
Haha, we wish him a speedy recovery and hope he continues to entertain us forever.


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