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Monday, May 3, 2010

House Full of Lies & @taran_adarsh blocks me for saying that!

Welcome to the latest tail in tinsel town. As it is mandatory with every movie star, they go on a tweet overdrive just before their movie release. So we had the entire cast of House Full in attendance on twitter to promote their movie. 

Akshay Kumar (akshaykumar) , Sajid Khan (sajidk23), Deepika Padukone (deepikapadukone), Jiah Khan (jiahkhan), Lara Dutta (DuttaLara), Ritesh Deshmukh (Riteishd) & Arjun Rampal (rampalarjun) were all there. 

Few were jubilant while the others were kind of lukewarm in their approach before the release. This set me thinking about the movie, i was certain the movie would be a blockbuster the moment i saw the first poster at a South Delhi Mall and listened to the songs on the radio. But the tweets somehow made me quite uneasy.

The most jubilant among the crowd was Jiah Khan, she tweets the following after watching a preview

"saw the trial of HF last nite! AMAZING! LOVE SAJID FOR MAKING SUCH AN AWESOME FILM!" She is excited, obviously its a big film for her. 

Lara Dutta and Arjun Rampal are happy too and ask fans to go out and watch the movie. But what was interesting to note was what Deepika Padukone tweeted. Shortly before the movie released Deepika sent this tweet. 

 "Hurt me with the truth but never comfort me with a lie..."-Anonymous.  
I think she watched a preview of the movie that day. It shows the state of her mind. Then, on the day before the release she sent this  

"Morning!!last day of HOUSEFULL promotion bfore the release tomorrow!excited,nervous,anxious...can't makeup my mind..."  

Doubts continue to linger in her mind. After that she doesn't tweet much, just a simple tweet.  

"For those of u who have seen the movie, thank u soo much for all the compliments!glad ul enjoyed it...:-)"

Then she quickly moves on to other things in life with this tweet  

"​Say hello to the new RCB boss, aka the 'Prince of Good Times' @sidharthamallya"

Akshay Kumar, tweets this "Its been nearly two decades but every new release still evokes the same feelings as my very first release."

He is nervous obviously, his last few films were utter flops. After the movie releases though he too moves onto other things in life, he tweets 

"With Housefull released, back to the grind of shoots and schedules. Resuming shooting for Thank You tomorrow in Vancouver..."

He is done with House Full, its so obvious, no over the top reactions or thank you's.

Meanwhile the director of the movie Sajid Khan is anxious too. The day before the movie releases he tweets this.

"1 more day to go...i never made housefull to get awards or 5star ratings.i have made it for an audience which just wants to have a good...."

He knew he had a turkey in his hand. Hence the famous dialogue, that critics don't matter and fans do. 

However i am not sure if he knew that he had a mega fan of Akshay Kumar in the form of a Taran Adarsh (taran_adarsh).Yes the same guy who made Kambakth Ishq sound like the next big thing in Indian cinema. What does he do? He writes a glowing review of House Full while every other critic seems to trash the movie and public opinion on twitter seems to suggest the movie is a waste of time. Not to be let down by this he doles out few facts and figures that are promptly retweeted by Ritesh Deshmukh. This is what Taran Adarsh has to say 

"Eros has sent me the official figure for Friday of 'House Full' in India: Its 10 crores nett. This is @akshaykumar biggest opener."

(No wonder, anyone would die to see the three beautiful babes in bikinis no matter whatever any critic writes)

"I expect Saturday numbers of House Full to be humungous as well. Which means, janta is THE BOSS."

(Oh yes, they are the BOSS, but you have conned them well, wait till they get back at you) 

"I am not comparing 3 Idiots with HF, or HF with MINIK, in terms of content. I am just comparing the numbers. Wasn't 3I comparedwith Ghajini?"

(Starting some self defense by throwing some figures, he is good at that, isn't he)
"All said and done, the boxoffice verdict is the FINAL verdict. Critics had called Sholay 'Chole', Hum Aapke Hain Koun was 'Shadi Ka Video'"

(Is he trying to say every other critic in the county is a moron and he is the BOSS?)

"Even Ram Teri Ganga Maili was not spared. Krissh and Dhoom 2 also got rotten reviews. One prominent reviewer had trashed Taare Zameen Par."

(Now this is heights, he is comparing House Full with Taare Zameen Par)

I have enough of this nonsense and promptly tweet him this

"@taran_adarsh no matter what you say. Your review of Kambakth Ishq was the most brashly misleading piece of reviewing ever. It was trash!"

"@taran_adarsh sorry to say that, but after that movie i lost faith in ur reviews, KI was crap, & i know what masala movies are."

Guess what he does after that? He promptly blocks me on twitter. A critic not able to take criticism. I find it absolutely amusing. Anyways, this led to a few good laughs with my other friends on twitter who unanimously find it to be very funny coming from a senior critic. Everyone also agrees that in this age of twitter it is not the critics that matter but the janta, janta on twitter, listen to them and they will tell you the truth.

Ok, almost forgot to tell you what the other big critic of the country Rajeev Masand (RajeevMasand) had to say about the movie. He tweets.

"Housefull: the kind of film that makes 'Singh Is King' feel like a Woody Allen gem"

And to add insult to injury he tweets this too..

"Commendable: makers of Houseful using anti-piracy software to identify pirates. Ironic: this for a film packed with plagiarized jokes!"

Whom should the audience believe? All are from the same industry. With regards to what i think of the movie, i haven't seen it yet. You never know, i might like it. Let me confess this, i loved both Tashan and Saawariya, think they are misunderstood classics. Haha! hope you don't think i have lost it.

Cheers! See you soon with more TAIL's

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