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Friday, May 14, 2010

Meet the funniest man on Twitter @BeingSalmanKhan

There are many kinds of people who use Twitter in different ways and for different purposes. Most Celebrities use it to flaunt their star power, to promote their films or to answer questions about themselves. But there is one unique user in this clutter of stars who never fails to humor us. Salman Khan is the man. 

Contrary to the image he portrays outside of a serious man, his tweets are filled with an amazing amount of humor. Some find it difficult to take his humor but he seems to connect very well with his followers. He is probably the most human among all the stars on Twitter and mind you, he isn't any small star. Its apt that his Twitter id is called @BeingSalmanKhan based on his Being Human initiative. 

To give a sample of his tweeting style, we have documented one day in his tweeting life. This is enough to give everyone a glimpse into what he is made of. Most of his tweets are about the snaps that he shares. Usually it is his paintings or the coffee that he is drinking and wants to share with us. But today he has something different to share. Don't have to write too much to explain any of the following.

This is his entry..... 

Dabaaang ho
Sends us a snap from his makeup room. Dabaang is the latest movie he is working on.

@BeingSalmanKhan Isko bolte hai true love boss. Pehchano male kaunsa female kaunsi.

Love Story
Anybody might think he is insane sending us snaps of mosquitoes, but wait till you see what is coming next.

@BeingSalmanKhan  Morning , all good ? Gonna go n shoot fr dabangg , action time . 

@BeingSalmanKhan Yeh kayla bechara akayla hai , bananna par itna bhi nahi banana.

Bananna par bhi
@BeingSalmanKhan  Sent him bak to his hum sath sath parivar.he v happy nw. Haha only me laughing arbaaz think me mad
Hum Saath Saath Hain
@BeingSalmanKhan  Shoot going we'll but too hot , but hot always better than cold 

@BeingSalmanKhan Towards the climax of batman a frnd of mine says mujhe lagta hai yeh hee batman hai ?

In between he finds time to wish someone a happy birthday 

 @BeingSalmanKhan Gomako wish u a v happy birthday

@BeingSalmanKhan V bros r nailing it in dabangg

Nailing it
We think he is talking about Arbaaz and himself :) Meanwhile Arbaaz who is also on twitter sends us this snap.

@arbaazSkhan  Bhai busy tweeting between shots :)

Man in action
Next he introduces us to his dog

@BeingSalmanKhan n 1 month 10 days old veera..this was veera's first outing on camera..tks salman

Meet Veera
He goes on to tell us a few more things about his friend.

 @BeingSalmanKhan The same guy saw a seagul n said look look fish fish so everybody looked at the shore ,he says nt dwn look in heaven

@BeingSalmanKhan He tels me that he has got a pair of boots fr me so I ask him wat colour ? He say elephant colour .

@BeingSalmanKhan He jst texted me wn he saw me tweeting begging me nt to take his name nw I so badly want to take his name n send his pic too , hahaha 

He moves on to other things now. Poking fun at his production guys.

@BeingSalmanKhan These guys took the meaning of laaltain v seriously

 @BeingSalmanKhan If sm body repairs this wheel jst imagine our future but whr do v find this guy, who wld it b?

Wheel of our future
@BeingSalmanKhan Don't worry abt petrol , sending u a pic of gobar all u hv to do vit it is make gas. N v hv gobargas
Gobar Plant
Finally he says this

@BeingSalmanKhan Arbaaz jst stepped on it so thr goes the gobargas plant

Need we say anything more? Keep tweeting Salman, we enjoy your visual extravaganzas. Be Human always, we like you this way :)))

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