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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Amitabh Bachchan joins twitter as @srbachchan Lets welcome him!

The legend is here. Meet Big B, Amitabh Bachchan on Twitter as @srbachchan. Just pause for a moment. Sunil Gavaskar didn't even make his test cricket debut, Shahrukh Khan was a toddler, Sachin Tendulkar was not even born when Big B started his career in films. He is such an enduring legend, looking at whom generations have grown up. He was once considered the No 1 to 10 in Bollywood, no other star came close to even No 10. Such was his incredible power. Imagine, if Twitter was invented in the 80's. There would be only one superstar on it, and we know who we are talking about. Its an honor to see the Big B here.

It was a silent entry into Twitter and as is usual with any high profile celebrity entry to Twitter, unless someone confirms the news, its hard to believe it is the real one. In this case Big B started out by sending a tweet to his dear son Abhishek Bachchan who was traveling at that time. 

@juniorbachchan hey baby !! I made it on twitter !!! Yeeaaaaaahhhh !! ... sorry.. just got carried away .. safe onward flight and love

Then he goes on to tweet this. 

just checking through black berry to see if it works..

ok it works ... time to take a shower ..

He goes  for his shower, while the rest of the world is left wondering if its the real one. There is no way of confirming it. At least we expect Junior Bachchan to confirm the news. But alas he is travelling. Most people are convinced it is him as there is a link to his blog on the profile page. The blog has a mention of him joining twitter. This is proof enough for many to start following him. But the big name confirmations and announcements havent begun yet. So there is a small doubt in the mind still. First major personality on Twitter who writes to him is Pritish Nandy, the big daddy of Twitter. He Tweets this.

@SrBachchan Arrey, when we met last evening you never mentioned you were coming on twitter! Welcome. This is the place to be.

@SrBachchan now on twitter. He's the man.

The ball is set rolling now. It takes another four hours for Abhishek Bachchan to acknowledge his father. Meanwhile the folks on Twitter being their usual naughty self start having fun. The first notable tweet is from Faking News. 

@fakingnews Shouldn't @srbachchan 's first tweet to @juniorbachchan have been - rishte mein toh hum tumhaare baap lagte hain...

Many speculate that its been four hours yet there is no sign of Big B emerging from his bathroom. Must be having a nice long bath. That's why taking so long to tweet again.

Others wonder when Aishwarya would join Twitter. Few also wonder if Jaya Bachchan would also join them. Possible Twitter id suggestions are thrown in, some say it should be @SrMrsBachchan and @JrMrsBachchan, some say why not @saasbachachan and @bahubachachan. The whole parivaar would join twitter then it would be no less than a soap opera.

Finally after much delay Abhishek Tweets this.

Ladies and gentlemen. HE IS HERE!!!
BigB in da house!!!! @srbachchan welcome Pa. Show him the love tweeps!!

Also Big B emerges from his bath and starts tweeting. People in Mumbai sigh a relief, already there is a water crisis brewing there and they now know the root cause of it. But they still love him so forgive him. Then its business as usual, the tweets start and the welcome messages pour in. The madness begins and we are sure, Big B will make a great Tweeter going by the indications he has given in one day.

Its also certain that Ash will join twitter sometime this year. Its surprising she still hasn't, considering that she has Raavan release lined up soon. Maybe she is waiting for Endhiran.Whatever it is, the future is going to get exciting. Get ready for a full fledged family drama on Twitter.

As a closing note, i have this cheeky suspicion that Big B has read my India Twitter Story post on Mind u Read. With Pritish Nandy and Lalit Modi retweeting the link to that post and Abhishek Bachchan retweeting the link to the post prior to that, i am certain he has read it. I make a mention of him not being on Twitter there. Looks like he did take it seriously. Whatever it is, the pleasure is all ours. 

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